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Software engineer at Airbnb. Interested in security, data infrastructure, machine learning infrastructure, and generally anything that has to do with building and protecting large systems.


University of California - Berkeley2016-2017

Master of Science

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science major. Emphasis on large scale distributed systems and security. Breadth concentration in Statistics.
GPA: 4.000 — EECS GPA: 4.000

University of California - Berkeley2013-2016

Bachelor of Science [High Honors]

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science major.
GPA: 3.928 — EECS GPA: 4.000


AirbnbSan Francisco, CA / August 2017 - Present

Software Engineer

Working on data infrastructure security.

UC Berkeley College of EngineeringBerkeley, CA / Spring 2017

Computer Security Graduate Student Instructor

Graduate student instructor for a computer security course (cs161) lead by Vern Paxson. Responsibilities included leading weekly discussion sections, writing and grading exams, holding office hours, and writing/managing projects and homework.

PepperdataCupertino, CA / December 2016 - May 2017

Software Engineering Consultant

Assisted as an outside consultant in launching Pepperdata's new Application Profiler service. Application Profiler offers automated Hadoop and Spark tuning advice.

AirbnbSan Francisco, CA / Summer 2016

Software Engineering Intern - Data Infrastructure

Worked on the engineering team that provided the company with the infrastructure necessary to process and warehouse massive amounts of data. My primary project during summer 2016 revolved around adding features to Dr. Elephant, an open source project that makes monitoring per job/app resource consumption on large clusters easy. Dr. Elephant was launched within Airbnb during my tenure as part of an effort to make more efficient use of computational resources. I contributed many commits to the open source project including significant feature additions such as integration with Apache Airflow, Airbnb’s open source workflow scheduler.

UC Berkeley Swarm LabBerkeley, CA / November 2015 - May 2016

Research Assistant

Worked in the Swarm Lab's Global Data Plane (GDP) group under Professor John Kubiatowicz. Built an efficient filesystem interface on top of the secure, single-writer append-only log interface offered by the GDP. This project was motivated by the inherent durability, atomicity and security guarantees offered by the GDP's interface. For more detail, see the GDPFS project on my Github.

YelpSan Francisco, CA / May 2014 - August 2015

Software Engineering Intern (iOS 1yr) (Full Stack Web 4mo)

Worked with a small team responsible for developing the iPad component of the Yelp SeatMe platform, a powerful front-of-house management system for restaurants.
I transitioned from full to part-time at the beginning of September and remained so for the duration of the academic year. When back at school, I worked as an on-campus rep and recruiter for Yelp (in addition to my continuing Engineering duties). My responsibilities included taking resumes, talking to candidates at campus career fairs, answering student questions at Yelp hosted events and presenting at one of Yelp's on-campus tech talk nights.
In May 2015, I returned to Yelp SeatMe full-time but working as a full-stack web engineer rather than an iOS engineer.

UC Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara, CA / Summer 2013

Student Project Engineer

I managed the acquisition of computer and sensor hardware and wrote software necessary for constructing an interactive earthquake exhibit to be installed at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History by the UCSB Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation.

Institute for Collabrative BiotechnolgiesSB, CA / Summer 2012

Robotic Control Systems Intern

I worked with a small team to develop control software which allowed Roomba robots to autonomously perform a variety of tasks using feedback from a combination of a Vicon motion-capture system, internal sensors, and a Microsoft Kinect.

Honors & Awards

Siebel Scholar, Class of 2017August 2016

Siebel Scholars Foundation

Awarded annually for academic excellence and demonstrated leadership to over 90 top students from the world’s leading graduate schools. [source]

Regents’ and Chancellor’s ScholarMarch 2013

University of California, Berkeley

"The Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholarship is the most prestigious scholarship offered by UC Berkeley to entering undergraduates and attracts, retains, and graduates the most sought-after students in the world." [source]

Eta Kappa Nu MemberMay 2014


International electrical and computer engineering honor society that provides a number of services to the EECS department such as tutoring sessions for lower division EECS classes, pre-exam review lectures, and course survey administration.
Top 25% of junior class offered candidacy.

Tau Beta Pi MemberDecember 2014

International engineering honor society that provides a number of services to the College of Engineering such as tutoring for lower division physics classes.
Top 12.5% of junior class offered candidacy.

  • Internet and Network Security (cs261n)
  • Computer Security (cs161) A+
  • Advanced Topics in Computer Systems (cs262a) A+
  • Applications of Parallel Computers (csC267)
  • Operating Systems (cs162)
  • Intro to Machine Learning (cs189) A+
  • Intro to Artificial Intelligence (cs188) A+
  • Intro to Databases (cs186)
  • Linear Algebra and Diff EQs (math54) A+
  • Intro to Algorithms (cs170)
  • Discrete Math and Probability Theory (cs70)
  • Randomized Algorithm Analysis (cs174)
  • Modern Statistical Prediction and Machine Learning (stat154)
  • Concepts of Statistics (stat135)
  • Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (cs61a) A+
  • Data Structures (cs61b) A+
  • Machine Structures (cs61c) A+
  • Intro to Microelectronic Circuits (ee40)
  • Structure and Interpretation of Systems and Signals (ee20)
  • Heat, Electricity and Magnetism (physics7b)
  • Mechanics and Wave Motion (physics7a)
  • Independent Research (cs299)
  • Teaching Techniques (ee375)
Other Hobbies
Anything on 2 wheels:
  • Dirt bikes
  • Street bikes
  • Road bikes (still need a mountain bike)
  • Motorcycle mechanics
  • Bicycle mechanics
  • Motorcycle touring/camping
  • Adventure riding
  • Watching races (MX/SX)
  • Motorcycle history



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